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The Last Lives Video Gaming Podcast, where games aren't ALL we've got, they're just all we've got LEFT. Hosted by comedians Justin "JBone" Clements, Justin "Dad" Harris, and Producer Sam G, we delve into gaming's past, present, and future with the health bar flashing all the way. Can 3 dudes in their 30's with wives and families clear their back logs and confront the final boss of MIDDLE AGE NOSTALGIA? Find out...on LAST LIVES! 

Jul 30, 2018

This week on Last Lives...The Summer of Zelda sails on to the Game Cube and DS entries into the series: The Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, and Spirit Tracks! Boats, Trains, Ghosts...OH MY! Hear the boys opinions on one of the more divisive entries in the series in this definitive retrospective on the TOON Link Saga!...

Jul 23, 2018

This week on Last Lives...Justin Clements and Sam G are joined by yet another Justin! Comedian Justin Thompson joins the crew to wax nostalgic about licensed properties, Dreamcast, and one of the GOAT franchises Metal Gear Solid! Summer of Zelda deep dives return next week.

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Jul 17, 2018

This week on Last Lives...The Summer of Zelda continues with what many consider not just the best in the series, but one of the greatest games of all time: Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time! The crew also discuss what many feel is one of their least favorites Majora's Mask! Get away creep MOON! 

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Jul 9, 2018

This week on Last Lives…The Legend of Zelda series deep dive continues as the crew run down the SNES entry in the series A Link to the Past! Hear Justin “Dad” Harris and Justin Clements talk about what they consider one of the greatest Zelda games in the whole series. Even Game Boy gets some coverage as Dad recaps...

Jul 2, 2018

This week on Last Lives...It's time for the first series DEEP DIVE and where else would the Last Lives crew start but The Legend of Zelda series! This week Legend of Zelda and Zelda 2 on the NES!

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