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The Last Lives Video Gaming Podcast, where games aren't ALL we've got, they're just all we've got LEFT. Hosted by comedians Justin "JBone" Clements, Justin "Dad" Harris, and Producer Sam G, we delve into gaming's past, present, and future with the health bar flashing all the way. Can 3 dudes in their 30's with wives and families clear their back logs and confront the final boss of MIDDLE AGE NOSTALGIA? Find out...on LAST LIVES! 

Mar 26, 2018

This week on LAST LIVES...The crew talk about Nintendo's first foray into the disc based format, THE GAMECUBE. Easily the most underrated console of its generation, Nintendo's purple porpoise turned down the tech and turned up the fun! Figuring out how to function in 3D with a not quite twin stick control sceme is half the fun! Can 3 guys with wives and families clear their back log and confront the final boss of middle aged nostalgia? Find out on LAST LIVES!

Memory Card

  1. Project Dolphin Development
  2. Cartridges or Mini DVDs
  3. Panasonic Q and The Wavebird
  4. Launch WITHOUT Mario or Zelda
  5. Rogue Squadron: Rogue Leader
  6. Luigi's Mansion
  7. Wind Waker the perfect Summer Game
  8. Smash Bros Melee
  9. Metroid Prime
  10. Resident Evil 4
  11. Viewtiful Joe

Checkpoint Chatter

  1. Breath of the Wild
  2. RIP Wii
  3. Switchy Switch Game Game Report

Warp Zone

  1. Questions for Detective Pikachu

Music by Crate Digger Jones