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The Last Lives Video Gaming Podcast, where games aren't ALL we've got, they're just all we've got LEFT. Hosted by comedians Justin "JBone" Clements, Justin "Dad" Harris, and Producer Sam G, we delve into gaming's past, present, and future with the health bar flashing all the way. Can 3 dudes in their 30's with wives and families clear their back logs and confront the final boss of MIDDLE AGE NOSTALGIA? Find out...on LAST LIVES! 

Apr 16, 2018

This week on LAST LIVES…The crew talk about one of the most dominant forces in handheld gaming history THE NINTENDO DS FAMILY. The DS didn’t just crack Nintendo into the hitherto unheard-of Casual Gamer market, they blew the lid off the handheld gaming market and set themselves up for the future.

Memory Card:

  1. Cracking the casual market
  2. Celebrity Release Event in LA
  3. Touching is a slogan
  4. 2nd Screen and other Gimmicks
  5. Power Pad
  6. Zelda Phantom Hourglass
  7. Spirit Tracks
  8. Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney
  9. Chrono Trigger
  10. Pokemon Gundam
  11. Pokemon (series) vs Batman The Animated Series
  12. Scribblenauts
  13. NPD Jeopardy DS Edition 

Checkpoint Chatter

  1. Just Let Me Kill w/ Justin Harris
  2. Far Cry 5
  3. Spoiler-man
  4. Red Dead Redemption
  5. Game Save Graveyard
  6. Narcaleptic Gaming
  7. Proud Papa Time
  8. Gracie vs Breath of the Wild
  9. Switchy Switch Game Game

Warp Zone

  1. God of War Hype
  2. Spiderman PS4 Hype

Music by Crate Digger Jones