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The Last Lives Video Gaming Podcast, where games aren't ALL we've got, they're just all we've got LEFT. Hosted by comedians Justin "JBone" Clements, Justin "Dad" Harris, and Producer Sam G, we delve into gaming's past, present, and future with the health bar flashing all the way. Can 3 dudes in their 30's with wives and families clear their back logs and confront the final boss of MIDDLE AGE NOSTALGIA? Find out...on LAST LIVES! 

Aug 6, 2018

This week on Last Lives…We’ve reached the Twilight of the #SummerofZelda so it’s time to put on some EMO and turn into a WOLF BOY! That’s right Wii are covering the Wii entries in the Zelda series, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword! Plus, what’s up with Tingle? Who is he REALLY? We maybe answer some of these questions and more! Music by @5am.ATL on instagram NEW ALBUM NIGHTWERKS 2 COMING SOON!